Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I'd mentioned the dog, Suke, in a previous blog that belonged to my landlord's family. Suke has since disappeared and when the family returned from their holiday on Vava'u, the youngest boy wondered the neighborhood for a whole day calling the dog's name. It was so disheartening. I helped in the search and when Suke was no where to be found, we chalked up his loss as being picked up as the main course for a Uike Lotu feast. The boy's mother gave him money to buy a coke and a lolly from the falekaloa and he seems to be doing fine. Suke, you will be missed and in the end, I suppose you served a greater good.


amber said...

I am so sad I missed your call the other night. Your message wasn't very clear, sounded like you were having a little trouble with the connection:(.
I need to get verizon to set up my international calls, until then, our facebook chats and blog comments will have to do:(
I miss you and it sounds like things are still very fun and exciting there. I hope you are adapting to your assignment well and you love it!
I miss you!

Brett said...

i'm weeping for the loss of poor suke.

amber said...

hey cassie, i know you are probably super busy but i have a favor to ask you. will you please update your blog so i have something to do at work? you're the best, thanks!