Monday, September 29, 2008

My mailing address

This will be my official mailing address for my entire service, I believe. Once I move away from the base, where I will be for my initial three months of training, mail will be shipped to me from this address, so all my pen pal notes can be sent here: 
Cassandra Kendzora, PCT
Peace Corps
PO Box 147
Kingdom of Tonga
South Pacific
Thanks in advance for any snail mail. I know it probably won't be cheap but I do love mail call.

Toki sio

Hello all,
It is now less than 1 week till I am jet setting to L.A. for my staging event. I fly out of Des Moines on Monday October 6. I will meet my so-far-mysterious cohorts once I arrive and begin my training process. This initial orientation will be brief as we are scheduled to fly out of Los Angeles at 11:30 pm on October 7. I will arrive at my destination of Tongatapu, the main island of Tonga, around 8:15 am Wednesday October 8. As I was putting all these details together, it dawned on me that this will actually be the first time I have flown alone. I am in for a wild ride, folks. 
Thank you to all my friends and family. Your love and support means the world to me and it is only because of  you that I feel confident in setting out on this, with no better words, adventure. 
I love you all and toki sio! (see you later)